Killing Bamboo

bamboo eradication

Neighborhood Cleanup

Our street used to be a 5 house/yard grove of bamboo. an acre and a half or so of the stuff. The giant kind. Two years ago we decided to take our yard back, and install a privacy fence.

bamboo eradication

Bamboo and Bees - Help!

Neighbors bamboo is invading my yard, growing between the cement and siding of my garage and may be killing my fir tree. I am a beekeeper and have six hives. Round Up kills bees! Now what?

bamboo eradication

Bamboo Control on 300 ft. of Property

Okay, this is a normal story of bamboo invading my property. I have about 300 feet of property that requires asserted effort to control this wicked plant.

bamboo eradication

From An Arborist

A comment about herbicides: Glyphosphate herbicides and other types of herbicides are useful in dealing with bamboo.

bamboo eradication


I have finally killed all the bamboo at my house. I treated all visible shoots with a mixture of roundup and blackberry tree killer. Then dug down about 18 inches ripping up the runners and spraying everything else with the same mixture.

Bamboo Removal Guide

Our guide brings together the best information from personal success stories, horticultural research, and our own survey of more than 400 people with bamboo problems. We summarize information that works, to help you fix your bamboo problem.

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bamboo removal guide

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